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Well why not its just another moralistic interpretation of fiction isn’t it?

oh god is this actually making my fandoms my religion

You mean they weren’t already?

don’t watch or like quite a bit on this list but I quite like the message.

Well, what is art/entertainment for if not self-discovery?

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Dear Dad,
This is the difficult bit. If I got this right, you’re reading this a week after we left in the TARDIS. The thing is, we’re not coming back. We’re alive and well; stuck in New York, 50 years before I was born. I can’t come home again, I won’t ever see you and that breaks my heart. I’m so sorry, Dad. I thought about this for years and I realised, this is what I could do, I could write you a letter, tell you everything about how we lived, about how, despite it all, we were happy. But before I do, I need you to know, you are the best dad any son could have had. And for all the times I drove you mad and you drove me mad, all the times I snapped at you… I’m sorry. I miss everything about you, especially our awkward hugs. I bought a trough, we have a small yard, I garden. But one more important bit of business, the man who delivered the letter, Anthony.. be nice to him ‘cause his your grandson. We finally adopted in 1946: Anthony Brian Williams. He can tell you everything, he’ll have the family albums and I realise having a grandson who’s older than you is so far beyond weird but I’m sorry.

I love you, Dad. I miss you.

Rory’s letter to Brian

Why wasn’t this shot??

Also, am I the only one seeing how open-ended their departure was? There’s just so much room for them to show up again.

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